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Mui-World Tour


Concert at Niagara Fall, Canada (June 11, 2002)

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Just call her the Eastern Madonna
Pop superstar Anita Mui has date at Casino Niagara
Jin Yuejue
Staff Reporter

Anita Mui, the Eastern Madonna, is coming to Ontario.

Frequently starring in movies with Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, and Chow Yun-Fat, Mui is more famous as an actress in North America.

But her real strength is as a singer, and her upcoming concert, June 11 at Casino Niagara, is generating a lot of excitement in the Chinese community. Her popularity spans all age groups and backgrounds.

Three-quarters of the tickets for the Anita Mui Fantasy Gig were sold out within a month after the news was released, said Ken Wong, manager of the concert's ticket agency. 

Ticket prices ranged from $48 to $168.


Also known as the diva of Asia, Mui began singing in nightclubs at age 4
Mui is often compared with Madonna, not only because their careers started at almost the same time but also because they are chameleons ?constantly projecting a new image. A straight translation of her nickname is "100 changing Mui."

Her gender-bending persona ranges from elegant aristocrat to wild tomboy, from gangster to schoolgirl, and from hard-boiled businesswoman to charming sexpot.

She never repeats herself on the stage and much of a concert's budget is spent on costumes.

Mui's chameleon quality is also reflected in her 39 albums. She sings in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese and her repertoire includes love songs, dance tunes, and Chinese opera.

Also known as the diva of Asia, Mui began singing in nightclubs at age 4. She became a pop singer 14 years later, in 1982, the year she won first place in the First New Talent Singing Contest in Hong Kong.

In the succeeding two decades, Mui has been the most successful female singer globally, wherever Chinese is spoken. More than 10 million copies of her albums were sold in her first 11 years in the business.

Mui has given more than 140 solo concerts in Hong Kong, where she won the award for the most popular female singer for five straight years ?until she announced in 1990 that she would not accept any more singing awards. 

The Toronto concert is part of a world tour celebrating her 20th anniversary as an entertainer. Mui finished her concert in Malaysia last month (May) and will go on to Atlantic City, Oakland, and Sydney after Toronto.

Her one and only previous concert in Toronto was in 1993.


Tickets for Anita Mui at Casino Niagara are $48 to $168, and are available from the WY trading company, phone 416-340-8096, 905-477-9265 or 905-866-8881