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Mui-World Tour



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Concert at Singapore (Aug 16, 2002)




星加坡聯合晚報 - 2002年8月17日  星期六

8000 fans supported Ah Mui

She was so touched & full of tears


8000 audience reacted warmly during the concert, Anita Mui was so touched that she was full of tears.

Anita Mui's Fantansy Gig 2002 of last night could be regarded as the best seller of the year.  95% of the seats were sold.

She hasn't  been to Singapore for 6 years.  During this concert she performed lots of her old songs that had been re-arranged such as [Chop open the ice mountain], [If love me, just say so], [Man Chu Sa Wah], [Just like this], [Stage for hot dances] and etc.  And she sang in duet with her protege, Grasshopper, some English songs such as [Stand by me], [The heart is still cold] and [Fate].

Last night, Ah Mui grasped every opportunity to joke with the audience.  When she was presented with stuffed toys, she said that she preferred to have cash instead.

Grasshoppers was telling audience how they first  performed with Ah Mui on stage, she laughed at them immediately:  [What do you mean by performing with me on stage?  I brought you guys onto the stage.]  She said with deep feelings that little Grasshoppers of those days  all became old Grasshoppers of today already.

In fact, Ah Mui remained young and energetically, while her fans remained to be devoted all those years.

Her costumes, dances, singing and performance were all of first class standard.  And she controlled the atmosphere so well, one climax just followed another climax. She didn't disappoint the 8000 audience.  At the end of the concert, audience were just so high that they stepped on the floor, applauded and screamed.  They wanted Ah Mui to reappear on stage for encore part.  Their reaction was just hilarious.

During the encore part, all audience were on their feet, they were dancing and singing as well, just as in a rave party. They were very high.

For the 2 encores, songs performed by Ah Mui were: [Beloved General], [Bad Girl], [Fair Lady], [Witch Girl], [Open your Mind], and etc. Also some re-arranged songs such as [Where my passion belongs] and [ Moon represents my heart].  With Grasshopper, she again sang [Stand by me] and [Copper bell hang over long stem of rattan].

When she was performing [Moon represents my heart], the fans reacted warmly, Ah Mui was so touched and full of tears, and said: [Don't be like that, really difficult for me to leave you now.]

After she finished singing [Stand by me], she looked at those fans who had been following her for 20 years, she was again full of tears.

It is said, Ah Mui will hold her closing show for her Fantasy Gig 2002 at Hong Kong, all those fans are prepared to go all together to attend the closing concert.

Last night, Mrs. Goh was spotted among the audience.  She enjoyed the performance of Ah Mui very much.  She smiled all the time, and was clapping along and finished watching the whole show.

Ah Mui had also reserved several seats for her good friend, Michelle Yeung.  But it was a pity, she could not make it.  However, Deborah Li, mother of Nichols Tze, came to see the concert.  She even went to backstage to greet Mui after the show.

For this concert, no careless exposure of her bust, no kissing with female dancer, but she wore two suits of very low cut and also kissed with So Chi Wai.

She had brought along the Corset top that had caused her embarrassment, but she didn't wear it for this show.

She was thin, but now even skinnier.  So she said jokingly: [I really have nothing left for you to see.]  Her self-deprecating humor caused lots of laughter among the audience.

Anyhow, she still put on a white, very low cut, pantsuit to please the audience.  She had to wear this braless as the V slit in front was wide open and only secured in position by chains.

She performed [Burning furnace and red lips] while wearing this suit.  When she was singing, she pretended she was self caressing. All her fans were so worried that she would expose her bust again.

During her concerts in Hong Kong, she also had intimate performance with female dancer, but no such thing last night.  However, she kissed So Chi Wai on lips when they finished singing [Fate] in duet.  Fans screamed at this.

Fans Screamed: [If Anita Mui not married, We won't get married either.]

Besides good singing and dancing, and her humor and self-deprecating speeches brought so much laughter during the concert.  When she finished singing with So Chi Wai, she said: [I'm really happy to see you all coming in pairs, not like me, will never get married.]

Then some fans replied her: [If you don't get married, we won't get married either.]

Anita laughed when heard this, but she said: [Don't do that, because you will blame me for not getting married later.  Also I don't like to support you when you can't get married. It is sad that I can't get married, will be worse if I have to support you too.  Even I sing more concerts, I wouldn't make enough to support you.] All audience laughed at this.