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Mui-World Tour


Concert at Shanghai (Oct 12, 2002)

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Anita Mui in a quiet mood for her concert in Shanghai

2002年10月13日14:09:49   大洋网  


Seven years ago, as Anita Mui sang the song [Bad Girl],  that was forbidden there,  during one of the concerts in Kwangzhou, she got banned to have concerts in mainland China ever since.  The ban on her was lifted recently, she is going to have her first concert in Shanghai tonight.  Anita Mui was spotted at Hong Kong International Airport with a crew of about 30 staff yesterday, she was leaving Hong Kong for the Shanghai concert. 


Anita Mui was asked if she felt very excited for the first concert in mainland China after 7 years.  She said she didn't feel particularly happy.  She would treat this concert just as those in Hong Kong.  She would try her best.  The concert will be in the same form, but there will be slight changes for the songs to be performed.  During the press conference in Shanghai for this concert, she already confirmed that she would not sing [Bad Girl] as she didn't like to offend the organizer.