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Mui-World Tour


Concert at Shanghai (Oct 12, 2002)

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Anita Mui was born with talent to be a singer, an actress and a girl with wonders. She is gifted to be an outstanding artist.  She is well regarded as Big Sister, and with Ever Changing Images.  She has her own unique style in singing and acting, that makes her well established in the showbiz, and no one can be compared with her or replace her.

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      Date:  October 12, 2002 at 7:30 p.m.

      Venue:  Shanghai Big Stage

      Price:  80, 180, 280, 380, 580, 880

      Ticketing Office Tel:  8008207910, 021-62728333,672727910


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Anita Mui, the diva with ever changing images, always lets her audience see her best performance, most elegant costumes, the most beautiful dances, the most advanced lighting and acoustic.  Definitely  audience will enjoy both the audio and visual effect during her concert.  Her stage charisma is well known in Hong Kong Music industry, and she is regarded as the best on stage.


Her singing and her style is unique, as she is different from singers such as Teresa Tan, Yiu So Yun and Chui Siu Fung.  Her performance is very daring, she can be very handsome when dressed in sexless attires, and can be very cool in look.  She makes people perceive that a female can be charming in other ways besides being soft and dressed femininely.  The media and the fans all like her cool look, her changing images, her sexiness,  her eroticism and her empty but amorous look of her eyes........  maybe there are singers who have held more concerts than her, there are singers whose albums sold better than her, or singers who make more money than her, but there is one Anita Mui, one and only one.


In 1987, she had 28 shows during her concert at HK Coliseum, that broke the record not only of Hong Kong, but the whole Asia.  Also it broke the world record that one singer who can hold concert at the same place continuously for so many shows.  Her achievement is well recognized.@


Anita Mui is a very successful artists.  She is talented, but she also works hard in training herself for singing skills, her style and her presentation.  Her voice is low, she makes use of her special low voice to be more charming.  Also she knows how to control her voice so well that her occasional high key makes her singing so special.  She is accurate at every key, and she has a very strong musical sense.  She is a prodigy, that is why she is so unique, and there can never be another Anita Mui @


She got famous by her albums [Bad Girl], [Witch Girl] and her sexless image. Even though she changes her images all the time, she always looks so authoritative, her every movement is full of charisma, her style is erotic but cool.  When she is on stages, she is in full control of the audience and the atmosphere.  So far no one else can be compared with her in this sense.


Many other female singers can create for themselves an image of sexless or being sexy as well .  But Anita Mui conveys a feeling of sadness, that other pop singers are not able to do it.  This kind of feeling is deeply expressed in [Sunset Song], the theme song of the movie [A Better Tomorrow III].


Besides her achievement in the music industry, Anita Mui is a very good actress.  Her role in [Kawashima Yoshiko], [Rouge], [Mr. Canton and Lady Rose] and etc. is all well known for her remarkable performance and all those movies had high box office too. Moreover her performance as a pitiful and devoted ghost in [Rouge] was so convincing that she was awarded as the Best Actress.


From the role of the sad ghost [Yu Fa], by her talent in performing, Anita Mui has been cast for many outstanding characters, such as charitable and generous brave female chevalier, a lovable young girl as "Yu Ya Yee", Yawashima Yoshiko in a complicated political situation, and recently she even played a male role as a lecherous Emperor.  Whatever character she plays, she can always play that character vividly.  By her lively performance, different images and way of presentation, she makes us experience different life stories.


Anita Mui is always like this: with an aroma of generosity and style of a man, she performs a female with a lonely and broken heart.