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Anita Mui too expensive?  Tzai Jun's musical "Last Night of King Tai Pan" not in production 2003年01月22日09:25 人民网-江南时报


The production for Tzai Jun's musical [The Last Night of King Tai Pan],  originally scheduled for this year, has been stopped.  From the reliable source, lack of capital is the main reason.  They are not able to pay Anita Mui, who has asked a very high pay.  Besides her, they can't find any suitable leading female role for the moment.

  谢晋筹排《金大班的最后一夜》已有几年时间,该剧原定去年秋天上演,剧中女主角金大班也计划由著名影星巩俐饰演。由于巩俐的演出档期等原因,最终未能如期排练。去年 年底,谢晋将女主角人选放在梅艳芳身上,虽然见面谈过几次并互有合作意愿,但后来没有了下文。

Tzai Jun has planned for [The Last Night of King Tai Pan] for a few years already.  It is supposed to be staged last autumn, and Gong Li would play the role of King Tai Pan.  But Gong Li had no time for it.  But towards the end of last year, Tzai Jun decided to invite Anita Mui to play the role, and they have met several times and both parties expressed their interest in cooperation.  However, there is no further news on this musical.


The reporter accidentally got the news that the production of this play has been stopped, all people for the script are not working anymore.  A staff from the office of Tzai Jun's audio company said the biggest problem for Tzai Jun is find a actress for the  female leading role.  Though Anita Mui is a suitable person, she is too expensive.  Besides her, there is no suitable female artist for this leading role.


When Anita Mui being interviewed later, she admitted that her part for [The last night of King Tai Pan] is in limbo.  But she denied that it was because of her high pay.  [None of my business.  I'm still waiting news from them.  They (script department) stops working.  I don't know the reason.] Anita Mui said she didn't know if the leading female role will remain to be the same: [I really like to play the role, I like to try.  But I don't know if  they will find someone else.  I don't know anything about it!]


According to the original plan, the leading male role would be Tung. He also said he doesn't know about the progress of this musical [if I have time, I am willing to work with Tzai Jun.]



梅艷芳做會長 盡心盡力

Anita Mui performs her duties as Chair Woman whole heartedly


Recently Anita Mui and Char Siu Yim had some argument.  Ah Mui defended against Char's attack by replying going to friend's birthday party is none of her business.  Actually, Char insists that Ah Mui is chairwoman of the Association of Hong Kong Artists, she should set an example for all artists, and should not go drinking overnight and then late for autograph function on he next day.


Frankly speaking, Ah Mui is a chairman of the Association of Hong Kong Artists, she is not a captain of a class, or a captain of discipline, really has nothing to do with setting an example for others.  Other artists elected her to be chair woman, she has already tried her best to perform all necessarily duties, and fight for the benefits for the artists.  Ah Mui is really the most hard working as a chair woman.  Whenever there is need, she always leads the rest to work together for the same goal.  As a chair woman of the Association, she is one of the most responsible one.  All people have shortcomings and strength, Char really doesn't have to attack her like that.