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Mui-World Tour


Concert at Shanghai (Oct 12, 2002)

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Ever Changing Anita Mui 2002-12-4 3:19:10          稿件来源:新闻晨报  

When Anita Mui had her concert in Shanghai, I went to buy the ticket without any hesitation.


[10 thousand people Stadium] was about 80 to 90% full.  Audience were about 20 to over 40 in age, and  of both sexes.  Mui Koo appeared in dark gold 'cock head' hair style.  She started the concert with a few quick songs, and danced continuously for half an hour, thus let people realize why concert can be an energy taxing thing.


I have seen quite a lot concerts of singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Some of those concerts are just like "executive set menu": wave their hands, greeting the audience, showing a smiling face, inviting 2 guest singers, receiving flowers from fans, and changing for a few sets of costumes.  However, Mui Koo's concert is entirely different.  It is not exaggerated to call her [ever changing Pop Queen], she is an expert in changing images.  She really sings and dances, nothing is cheating.  Sometimes she is so soft and tender, but sometimes just so cool.  She can be as river flowing, can be sad as windy and dim moon lit night, colorful as cloisonné.  She had been in bright red cape, blue long skirt, beggars clothes in jeans, dress similar to cheungshan......... altogether she had changed to 8 sets of costumes.  Audience were busy just like watching her fashion show.


Those female fans sitting in the front got so excited.  Just imagine when they stretched out their hands, they could touch the star they are madly in love, for no reason, they would withhold themselves in doing so.  When almost finished singing [Woman Flower], Mui Koo walked to the right hand side of the stage, one female fan rushed to the stage and presented Mui Koo with flowers.  When Mui Koo just got the flowers, the security guards dragged the female fan away immediately.  The female fan looked so pitiful, even though she kept on turning back her head, the security guards were not moved and kept on dragging her away.  Mui Koo stretched out her arm, but no  use.  She could not help buy saying: [Mr. please don't do this to her, Okay? (short, but polite request.) I know you want to protect me, but you don't have to treat the fans so fiercely in order to protect me.]  She was applauded by the audience.  On the big screen, we could see Mui Koo frowned, looked annoyed.  My heart saddened, worried if the atmosphere of the concer.  I had such worries, because during the concert of Andy Lau in Shanghai, he himself had to keep order, the concert was stopped for 20 minutes.  The atmosphere became very tense.  But just in split of seconds, Mui Koo turned her head lightly, facing the middle of the stage, and changed her expression, she smiled.  This smile just changed the whole atmosphere, from tense to happy one again.  No wonder being called Big Sister, she has a clear mind, and knows how to control and handle all kinds of situation.


For normal concerts, due to the theory of opposite sex attracting each other, fans for males singers are usually female, and vice versa.  But this doesn't happen to Mui Koo.  Most of her fanatic fans are female.  [Woman flowers], [Like Old friend coming], [Dear Lover], [Year passes like water]......... all these songs are songs about  female's passion, and are sung for females too.  Maybe her songs can trigger the deeper insight of females, and arouse their feeling of the same kind.


Maybe this is her habit, when she stands there, or walks, she always likes to hunch her back a little bit.


[As a little girl, don't hunch your back, or you look so ugly!]  When we were young, adults always warned us not to hunch our back.  But look at Mui Koo, why she can hunch her back but looks so beautiful!  Don't know the reason, she can control the stage so well that it seems she holds it in her hand.


Mui C-fu has many students.  This time she brought along her new student, Samuel Pang.  Little Pang is very handsome and looks cool.  When he was alone on the stage, he was alright.  But when he was beside Mui C-fu, he was just like a little child, too green.  Frankly speaking, I have listened to pop songs for more than 10 years.  There are so many singers.  Some of them  only last for a little while, while some are evergreen.  I often think, how can a singer make herself/himself to be liked by people forever?  When I watched Anita Mui's concert, when I saw her ever changing images and her dancing, I found the answer : [has to move with time.]


Correct, must always have new things for the fans, always have to breakthrough oneself.  Mui Koo well represents such kind of singers. She is unique, that is why people likes her forever.