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Mui - Interview


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Aug 2002 The Malaysian Women Weekly

The real Anita  真正的梅豔芳

She doesn’t smile, she dresses like a diva and she’s in the middle of world tour…… but break through the star shell and you’ll find a reflective Anita Mui, who just wants to watch football with her friends. Lit by a single spotlight, a willowy figure descends onto the stage on a swing, amidst thunderous applause. The instant her feet touch the ground, the stage bursts into a kaleidoscope of colour and she comes alive to the sweeping thump of the music.

表面上她很冷傲, 裝束像天后,現正在開世界巡迴演唱會........ 但真正的梅豔芳是位深思熟慮的女子,又可平凡到衹想和三五己一起看足球比賽. 在聚光燈的光圈下,在響如雷聲的掌聲中,身材苗條的她坐在韆鞦上慢慢降落舞臺中. 當她的腳一踏到地面,全個舞臺就變成萬花筒一樣燈光燦爛,顏色千變萬化. 在強勁的音樂下,她馬上開始了她的高歌勁舞. 

This is the year of the diva – and Anita Mui’s moment of triumph. A few years ago, it seemed Anita was yesterday’s news. But the canto-pop queen, who celebrates 20 years in show business this year, is back with a world tour, a new album and plans for a musical. And at the age of 39, she says she’s never been more self-assured.

幾年前她好像已是過氣天后。但今年是她入行二十周年,為了慶祝她二十年的成功事業,她再次開世界巡迴演唱會,她出了紀念大碟,又在籌備歌舞劇.  雖然已三十九歲,但她認為自已從來也沒有如此充滿自信.

“I think this moment is the highest point of my career,” she tells The Weekly in an exclusive interview from Hong Kong. “I’m doing something I like, I don’t have to go looking for money and I don’t need to prove myself. I look forward to making each project better than the last.”

"我想現在是我事業的高峰," 她在 The Weekly 的獨家訪問中說: "我現在不需要為金錢而工作,又不需要向自己證實什么,我衹做我喜歡做的事.  每一件我做的事一定要做得比以往更好."


Make no mistake, this fashion chameleon has sustained her career by adopting different personas and looks – from furs to feathers, leather and wigs – and the outrageous singer – actress has worn them all with aplomb. At her recent concert in Genting Highlands. She spotted a sexy, ultra-low V-neck white pantsuit and then put on a sweet-looking persona in a demure cheongsam, which emphasized her trim, svelte figure. But doesn’t she get tired of keeping up with the trends?

她擁有時裝觸角,極時髦,贏來雅號[百變梅豔芳]。無論披上皮草或羽毛,她都能表現沉著自若。在最近的雲頂演唱會,她一會兒穿了一條極性感的大V領白色褲套裝; 一會兒又穿了一件祺袍,顯得斯文又矜持, 領她身材更苗條姣好。做個領導時尚的人,會否感到厭倦?

  “No, because I love my career,” Anita says after some thought. “Sometimes, it really seems quite tough, but I will stand up and keep going when I think of all my fans. They’re my true source of energy!”

她想了一會回答: "不會,因為我喜歡我的事業。有時侯我也遇到很多困難,但是當我想到我的歌迷,我會站起來,堅持下去。他們是我真正的動力。"

Cool Professional

Spoken like a true professional. But then, Anita has always been very level-headed about her success.


“People have asked me if I want to break into Hollywood with my acting career, but frankly, I’ve not given it much thought. My focus is still on Asia, where there’s still much room for the development of my career. For example, I’m thinking of staging my first musical this year. But this will have to come after my world tour.”

"有人問我,我是否有興趣進軍荷李活影壇.   老實說,我從沒想過.  我還是專注亞洲市場,在此我事業還有發展的空間.  好像我可以在今年做我第一個歌舞劇。當然一定會在我完成世界巡迴演唱會之後."

Anita also reveals that she’s planning to work with her old pals, Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau, for the musical. “The topic is still a secret. You’ll know when the times comes!”

阿梅透露她將和她的老拍檔,張國榮和劉德華,合作歌舞劇.  至于題材,她說到時大家自然會知道.

Keeping everyone guessing is one of the ploys that keeps Anita mysterious and appealing to her fans – for example, she hardly smiles in photos. “But it’s only because I look silly when I smile in pictures,” she explains.

保持神秘,使她更吸引, 歌迷對她更嚮往 - 譬如,照片堛漲o從沒有笑容.  她解釋道: "因為我笑時,看來很傻."

Recently, magazines spent many pages speculating that her friendship with good friend Andy Lau has soured, that she’s seeing a much younger man – a male model – and that she’s been on a strict diet in an effort to tone up for her grueling world tour.

最近,雜誌常報導她和劉德華的友情惡化; 又報導她和一位比她年青的男模交往; 更報導為了繁忙世界巡迴演唱會,為了保持最佳狀況,她嚴格的節食。

Anita shrugs off these comments. “Andy is one of my best friends, and our friendship is like a rock. We will support and encourage each other anytime. As for the guy I’m currently seeing, it is a personal affair and no one else’s business, so I’d like to keep it private.”

對這些傳言,阿梅不以為意.  "華仔是我最好朋友之一,至海枯石爛, 我們的友情仍永存.  至于那位男仕,是我的私人事,不需要向任何人交待."


But she says she won’t hesitate to reveal the traits she wants in a man. “I’ve been asked this question many times. Perhaps people think I go for looks. But it’s not true. The most important  thing in the guy I like is whether he is kind, and whether he can communicate with me. If he’s good-looking, it’ll be a bonus!”

她心目中的男人又是怎樣的呢? 她一點也不猶疑的表示: "這個問題我已被問了無數次.  人家可能以為我只注重外表.  其實並不對.  我最想要的是一位心底善良,和我有溝通的人.  如果他外表又帥,那就更好了."

Keeping Fit

Anita’s skinny frame has also been the brunt of recent rumours. But she makes no apologies about her looks.

阿梅瘦削的身型又是近期的熱門話題.  但阿梅覺得她的身型並無問題.

            “I do think that I am a bit too skinny. But for the record, I’ve never been on any diet. I eat a lot, but I just don’t put on weight,” she sighs in resignation. In fact, this recent gossips about her weight isn’t the worst in her career – she was once rumoured to be a drug user because of her gaunt figure. “I never bothered to correct that gossip, since I knew that the more I defended myself, the worse the situation would be.” True enough, the rumours were proven to be false.

"我承認我是瘦了一點.  但是我從來也沒有節食過.  我食量不錯, 就是不生肉."  她嘆息的說.  關於她節食的近期謠言並不算是最可怕的 - 過去因骨瘦如柴,更有人造謠她吸毒. "我從來也不會為這些謠言而表白,衹會越說越黑."  一點也未錯,謠言遲早不攻自破.

          “ As I get older, though, I believe in eating less and exercising more, for health rather than looks,” she shares seriously. “ Besides, not smoking, drinking lots of water and eating more fruits will keep you healthy. And I strongly disagree with taking pills to lose weight. Health is more important than appearances!”

"當我年紀漸大,我深信吃少點,做多點運動,對健康會有益,並不是為了外貌,"  她很認真的說. "除此之外, 不吸煙,飲多水,吃多點水果,對健康也有幫助.  我絕對不贊成人家吃藥丸纖身.  健康遠比外貌更重要!"

  Would she ever consider plastic surgery? “Natural is best,” she replies without hesitation. “ As long as you have confidence, you will look good. I don’t think plastic surgery is necessary, unless you have been in an accident. Just believe in yourself, and tell yourself, ‘I am what I am!”

她會否整容呢?  "自然美是最好的."  她亳不猶疑的回答.  "祇要有自信,人自然就好看.  我覺得祇有在意外毀容後才需要整容.  人一定要有自信,告訴自己: 我說是這樣的我!"

Settling Down

When she’s not discussing the details of her world tour or cultivating the artists under her own company, Mui Music, Anita takes time out by doing the things she loves best.

當她不需要為她的巡迴演唱會開會, 或為了栽培她自己公司( Mui Music)的新人而繁忙時,她做自己喜歡做的事.


            "It doesn’t seems like I’m taking a break, but I relax by rehearsing my dancing or singing with the band,” she laughs. “I also watch soccer on television. This World Cup, I rooted for my favourite team, England! I tried not to miss any match, even during my world tour!”

"我好像並沒有休息,但是排舞或練歌都可以使我鬆弛下來."  她笑了. " 我有看電視直佈的足球賽.  這次世界杯,我堅信我喜愛的英國隊會勝出.  我雖然在做巡迴演出,我也盡量觀看他們每一場球賽."

Although Anita seems to be basking in love these days, she has never considered settling down to start a family. “ I just can’t see myself as a wife and mother at the moment,” she chuckles. “So I’ll let nature take its course!”

雖然阿梅好像陶醉在愛河中,但是她從來也沒有想過她會組織新家庭.  "在此時此刻,我不可想像自己會做個稱職的妻子或母親," 她笑著說: "一切聽其自然吧!"

And finally, what does she want to be remembered for if she dies tomorrow?


            “I hope to be remembered by my fans as a person who was not just their idol, but as their friend. I believe that no matter what you do, knowing how to count your blessings and being thankful for them will bring you happiness.”

"我希望我的歌迷記得,我不但是他們的偶像,也是他們的朋友.  我深信無論一個人在做什么,只要想想現有的祝福及表示感激,他就會感到快樂."

            If you missed Anita’s Fantasy World Tour in Genting Highlands, catch her in Singapore on August 16 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

如果你沒有看過阿梅在雲頂的 [極夢幻演唱會],切記不要再錯過她在星加坡室內運動場,八月十六曰的演出了.